Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far...
Just got off the phone with my youngest daughter madeline..I
 love you Maddie!!!!! I hope you have a great afternoon, and remember that I love you!!!!

My daughter Madeline is one of those girls who if she puts her mind to it she can accomplish anything..( all of my children are like that)..  She is a young homemaker and mother,, I envy her in some ways, but I remember how challenging it was back in the day... when all my children were little.. and I was alot younger.. I wish I knew a few of the things back then that I know now..

She is a musician, she plays the Viola.. That is what she was trained in.. but has self taught herself piano..she can play the harp, mandoline, guitar,  I know I am forgetting something..
She also is an artist... she can draw and paint.. she is so talented!!!
Right now she has a little baby, he is 5 months old.. She has her hands full! He is precious and beautiful and such a blessing to our whole family!!  Maddie is such a good wife and mother.  She has so much more patience than I had  when I was raising her..

I guess the reason I am singing praises of her, Is that I am constantly amazed at how graceful, spiritual, beautiful, creative, talented she is!!  I believe there isn't anything she can't do!!!!!!!  All she has to do, is believe she can, or want too!!

She lives in Idaho right now and that is very far away from us!! I miss them all very much!! Maybe we can see each other soon!!
I am sending her my love, hugs and kisses!!!!  My arms are around you and your are always in my thoughts.. but most importantly, my  HEART!!!!!  As are all of my children!!
Here is a picture of me, my daughters Lauren and Madeline and  sweetie pie grandson.. baby Jed...
Aren't they beautiful?  I love my girls!! They are my best friends!!!  
My daughter Lauren is the oldest.  She lives about 2 1/2 hours drive from us and she is also married and has 2 step children.. She is equally as talented and beautiful as you can see from the picture,, she is the one holding baby Jed.. her nephew.  I get to see her next weekend.. cant wait!!!

Well I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend !!


  1. A very sweet blog, love the layout.

  2. Thanks Mom! I love you. You are too sweet!
    Can't wait to get the package!

  3. Hey where did you go girl? I have missed your comment's, hope all is well.
    Love ya,Debbie