Monday, March 1, 2010

Fleamarket Finds!!!

Cute little berry bowls!!
They match my juice glasses, another find, I think at a yard sale, years ago.
A cute little snack set that I am going to send to my daughter Maddie, it matches her dishes.
I got 12 bowls in all for $10.00
good bargain!

sweet little tray with flowers, I actually got 2 of them.. $6.00 each
we were able to get a set of 5 for $5.95.....I love BARGAINS!!!

This past saturday, my hubby and I spent the day together. We started the day at the gym and then got cleaned up and went to Little Rock for lunch.. SUSHI!!! Yummy!!
We then got out our new G.P.S. gadget that my husband loves to play with, and we were off and running.. put a few addresses in.. (some were good and some not!! ) We thought we would try a few markets that we haven't been to. We came home with some goodies!!!

We had a great day!!!
Thanks Honey! I love you!


  1. Hi frankie, you really got some great deals.They are all so pretty....Kathy

  2. Your 'bargains' are lovely! And YUM, I love sushi too!