Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Sweetness

I love Valentines Day..  I wish we could celebrate it all year long!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Fall , Ya"ll

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mashed, Smashed, Boiled, or Fried....

We have some beautiful potatoes!!!  My husband planted potatoes and we dug them up.. First it was "let's see what this potatoe looks like peeking up out of the ground"...  OMG!  It was a huge one!  the next thing I knew Iwas digging them all up!  One potato, two potato, three potato, four!..
It is so rewarding to get something out of the garden that you grew!

When I picked these beauties.. it was so neat.. they were still warm from being in the soil.. I got dirt under my fingernails and dirt between my toes!!!
Life is good!!!
Now... What to make?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little of this and a little of that..

I just thought I would show you some of my things around the house

                                     This is my coffee table at the moment.. I love mercury glass.

This sweet little candle holder my husband found for me while we were out visiting some flea markets
a little north of where we live.. it was our only treasure for that day.$3.00

These are my Staffordshire Dogs... Again a gift from my sweetheart..  He gave these to me for my
birthday, back in march.. He found them at an antique store on the way home from one of his jobs..
He kept them hidden from me for a month..  That was hard for hom to do.. since he can't wait to give me things.. I usually always get any gifts from him early.. because he can't wait !!!  But he did this time...
He handed me the bag with the dogs in them and said "I got you some staffordshire dogs.."  Before I
 could open it!"
I was thinking, oh! how sweet... looked at them and thought "these are pretty good knock offs,,"
Turned them over... and saw an inscription that read Staffordshire Engalnd..
Then I exclaimed!!!  These really are Staffordshire Dogs!!!
He said," I told you they were.!."    He was so proud of himself..! Sweet huh?

These are a couple of my plates that have my beloved roses on them.. I have a pretty good collection going now.. since we pick up some up, almost everytime we are out looking at flea markets..  We only get the bargains!!
The large one is probably my biggest splurge.. It is the size of a charger.. made in belgium.. it was a whopping $ 15.00  
needless to say I swooped that baby up!!!  I have seen plates similiar going for $ 65.00 and up..
I was so happy!
I get happy over stuff like that... I know it's silly!
The smaller one is another hubby find, on the way home from work one day..
I guess he really is sweet. huh?
I need to do something sweet for him..

These pretties are on my buffet..  The two plates are another thrifty find.. neither one of them were
over $5.00 
the sweet cherubs were from my mother.. She said that they remind her of us.. "that's you and me ", she said
She is so cute!
The teapot was a christmas gift from my husband a few years back.. I collect this china, so he gets me a new piece every once in a while.. This was part of the of it, I also got the sugar and creamer too!
I have over 20 dinner plates in this pattern.. Why so many you ask?  Well I have a huge family..!!!
When we have Christmas or Thanksgiving at my house it is nothing to have 20 to 30 people in my house..
I love it!!!
So whenever I see a piece on sale, I pick them up.. I have gotten most of my pieces from T.J. Maxx..
My favorite store!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Although my first set of 8 came from Belks from my husband and mother.. My mother bought my first 4 place settings and my husband bought the other 4 one year for christmas and 2 trays..  Its been a tradition now.. if there is a new tray or serving dish on display at christmas time, he gets
me a piece or two..

I know the lighting is bad in my photos.. sorry.. I know I keep saying that from post to post.. but I don't have a very good camera.. so sometimes my cell phone photos are better than my camera.. but still not very good.
These are on the other side of my buffet.. I put corsages in my apothacary jars for my mothers day display..
you really cant see them good in these , but they were pretty..

Well,   Doing this post really made me realize how thoughtful my husband really is of me... I have been feeling a little discouraged about our relationship lately,  I sort of feel a little ashamed that I have been taking HIM for granted a little,, He really is very thoughtful..  I know that material things are by far the least important things in my life.. My Faith, my family, my children, my grandson, my parents and siblings, grandmother, aunts and uncles cousins and friends are my most valuable and treasured gifts..  But I do appeciate pretties.. and while posting this I realized that the majority of them came from my husband or while the two of us were out, usually on a saturday spending the day together.. 
I also realize that I am fortunate that I have a husband that wants to spend time with me and is thinking of me often..
He really is so good to me..  He does so much more than that.. he helps me with the house, does laundry, cooks and alway keeps the yard immaculate!
Maybe he doesn't shower me with kisses, or doesn't whisper sweet nothings in my ear as often as I would like, but he expresses his love in other ways.. That is his love language..
I am very blessed in my life.. I have a beautiful family, a sweet little home that my husband works hard to provide for us..
Life is sweet and love is wonderful!
Have a great day!!! 


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I Just want to wish all the mothers out there Happy Mothers Day!!!
Motherhood is the toughest job you will ever love!
I Love all of my children and wouldn't trade a minute of it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Creation

Just wanted to show my new handbag..I have been carrying it for a few weeks now..Just haven't had time to post.. Making other goodies!

The Vintage part is the flower doilie.. A couple of years ago When My Hubby and I were camping in the northern part of state, we stopped into a  flea market when we were checking out the local scenery.. and scored on a big shopping bag full of doilies, napkins and placemats...
they were having a 1/2 off sale in this one booth.. the bag was marked $25.00..
I snatched up the bag and quickly went to the clerk and asked if is this was included in sale?  She said YES!!!!
The bag had over 35 doilies in it.. all vintage, hand crochet... Plus the most beautiful placemats..
I walked away with that sack, more like ran!  $12.50..
Anyway, I have been using those everywhere...some of the smaller ones are still sitting in the bag.. so I decided to put them to use.. On my purse.. I put a vintage button in middle and threaded it with Khaki colored grosgrain ribbon that I have been saving to recycle someday..
I love my bag.. I love the feel of the heavy linen..
Now I need to make a more springtime bag..
I have been in the sewing mood lately.. It hits me in spurts..I am starting my own little cottage industry.. Of course you can see what my label is ..
Make mine Vintage!!!
Hugs and Blessings!!!