Thursday, February 25, 2010

First post

Hi everyone in Blogland!!!

I finally bit the bullet and created my own blog,, I have been looking at everybody elses blogs and admiring them.. I guess you coud say I was a lurker!!

I am going to give this a go...

I love all things vintage.. I am a romantic at heart!!!

I have been a collector of vintage for years and I love creating a vintage feel in my modern home.

My dream one day is to own my very own Vintage home, but in the mean time I will MAKE MINE VINTAGE !!! I hope you will join me on this adventure!!


  1. Welcome frankie, I'm happy to see your a new blogger!!! I'm also new at this,but it's alot of fun!! I'll be visiting you often....Kathy

  2. Hello Frankie,
    Welcome to blogland, I'm sure you are going to enjoy yourself. I think your off to a wonderful start. On your profile you said your husband is always bring you home treasures, now that is great.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend*